Leadership Qualities of the National Down Syndrome Society

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According to the Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects, “Down syndrome is a chromosome abnormality caused by the presence of a third copy of chromosome 21. Characteristic facial features, in addition to epicanthal folds, include eyes slanted upward away from the nose, possibly with a speckling at the periphery of the iris, and a large tongue that often protrudes from an open mouth, making normal speech difficult” (Wynbrandt and Ludman 102-103). There are plenty of organizations dealing with Down syndrome and the acceptance of those with Downs, but one organization that really stood out was the National Down Syndrome Society. They offer various support groups in the community to help cope with the obviously emotionally jarring situation. The NDSS is definitely a leadership organization, and it has many leadership qualities, including resourcefulness, respectfulness, and tolerance. First and foremost, the NDSS is resourceful. They offer a variety of groups and events to help those with Downs and their families. Every year, the National Down Syndrome Congress has a convention for people who are interested in staying active in the world of Down syndrome. For example, a few summers ago there was a session in Boston, and the number of people in attendance is astonishing.. “These popular sessions, facilitated by family members, are informal opportunities to meet your peers and share your joys, concerns and strategies with others” (General Convention). People are

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