Leadership Role Of A Nurse Leader

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Leadership Role in Change and Innovation Nursing leaders play a fundamental role in the complex health care system. They are vital in ensuring change and innovation occurs around them. In this paper, a community specific nursing shortage will be explained and the outcomes if no changes happen. A detailed discussion into the various change initiatives that could improve the nursing shortage will occur. Following that, a critique of the initiatives will be discussed. Finally, the LEADS framework will be applied to the issue and explored through a nurse leader view. Current Leadership Issue Nursing is a dynamic complex work environment, it is a profession that is continually changing and new innovations are made daily. Any change is not without challenges; having the workforce adapt to that change can be demanding. The issue discussed in this paper is the impending nursing shortage that is currently present and will worsen in the near future within the community of Leader, Saskatchewan (SK). Numerous studies have shown that a nursing shortage is occurring nationwide and it is likely to worsen (Hibberd & Smith, 2006). It is not an issue that is going to be easily solved and changes in how nursing staff is utilized will need to be implemented. Using nurses to their full scope and potential is imperative and simultaneously maintaining job satisfaction and morale is key to off-setting the shortage (Wieck, Dols & Landrum, 2010). Within the community of Leader, SK, there are
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