Leadership Styles And Leadership Style

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Stacey Feiner once stated, “For those of you who really want to give critical thought to your unique leadership style and foster genuine followership, learn from what’s out there and weave it into something meaningful and authentic.” (Feiner, 2015) For the last two weeks, I have spent time self-analyzing and soul searching to identify the qualities I bring to a leadership role. Many of the core values important to me also align between the participative leadership style and laissez-faire leadership style. These values include working in a team environment, empowering others to make decisions and providing support for those decisions, keeping an open mind to new ideas/suggestions, and being involved with my team members on a daily basis. (Mooney, n.d.) As I learn ways to build on my strengths within these leadership styles, I also need to improve upon my weaknesses to become the well-rounded leader I want to be. Larry Page, CEO of Google, is a leader who I would like to emulate. He also shares the participative/laissez-faire leadership style. Mr. Page believes employees should be empowered to dream the impossible. He encourages out-of-the box thinking from his employees and encourages them to create the next new product innovation. To successfully lead Google, Mr. Page expects his employees to be productive and results-oriented while being self-managed. He does not believe employees should be micromanaged. In addition, he considers it important to help employees
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