Leadership Styles With Personal Leadership Style

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Leadership Leadership is a vital part of the business environment because it entails of giving direction to member in order to accomplish a common goal. Leadership styles are important aspects of an organization because certain techniques are more effective in different situations. When leadership is effective, then the outcomes are positive and desired goals are attained. This paper will explore the different leadership styles with reference to my own personal leadership style. It will give reasons why a participative style works best in the healthcare profession. Leadership Styles There are four types of leadership styles that describe the amount of interaction a leader has to its members. The leadership styles include autocratic, consultative and participative and free-rein leaders (Lamberton & Minor, 2014). Autocratic is a leadership style that has the leader as the “dictator” giving direction to members to follow. The group members are expected to follow the orders without inquiry and focus on task completion. This style leaves little room for individual development among its members however, can be effective in situations that demands strong leadership such as in crisis situations. Consultative leadership style involves having the leader spend a decent amount of time conferring with other members on ways to tackle the situation. Under this leadership, tasks are delegated to the proper individuals with the right skill set fit for job. The focus is on
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