Leadership Theory Vs. Leadership

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1.1Evaluate leadership theories Leadership is the ability to influence the actions of an individual or a group for the achievement of goals in a given situation. “Leadership is the ability to secure desirable actions from a group of followers voluntarily without the use of coercion.”(Alford and Beatty) Management Vs Leadership According to Stephen Covey “Leadership focuses on doing the right things, management focuses on doing things right. Leadership make sure that ladders we are climbing are leaning against the right wall, Management make sure we are climbing the ladders in the most efficient way. However Managers exist only in organised structures whereas leaders can be there even in case of unorganised groups. 1.Trait Theory : The …show more content…

Trait theory criticism: • It is not based on any research or systematic development of concepts and principles. • The theory does not offer scale to measure the degree of these traits. • Skills are sometimes mistaken for traits. 2.Situation Theory: Fred E. Fiedler has developed a contingency model of leadership effectiveness. This approach was the result of the most extensive programme of research about leadership styles and effective group performance carried out by Fiedler. The situational variables by this research are- • Leader-member relations: are good or bad depending upon leader being liked or not liked by the group being supervised. • Task structure: is to be high or low depending upon the extent to which work to be done and goals to be achieved, are defined unambiguously. • Power position: is strong or weak depends upon the amount of reward and legitimate power possessed. 3.Behavioural Theory : The behavioural theory of leadership lays emphasis on this fact that the leadership is the outcome of effective role of behaviour. It relies mainly on the acts of an individual rather than his traits. Under this approach leadership is described as what leader do instead of what they are. The theory states that a leader to be effective should perform his function in such a way that will enable the group to attain its goals.

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