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Introduction Today’s leader is faced with many challenges, and one is the generational divide that exists in the workplace today. With four different generations working together it is clear that each group has their own preference for communication. Throughout the context of this paper I will explore the generational differences, and describe the characteristics of my generation with regard to leadership and communication styles. I will also describe how technology and the information age play a role in how leaders communicate. Finally, I will identify basic communication skills that are needed and used in generational leadership.
Do leaders communicate differently due to their age or generation?
According to Huggins (2008), “it
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The generation Y group was born between 1982 and 2000 (Huggins, 2008). This generation grew up with the internet, and relies heavily on instant communications through use of cell phones, text messages and social networking sites (Huggins, 2008). Their communication style is instant using technology all the time, and much less formal than previous generations. I do believe that leaders communicate differently based on age and generation. As a late generation baby boomer I find that I have adopted my communication style to the current times, but still garner traditional communication styles as well. I do utilize technology to the fullest; I no longer receive a newspaper, but keep up with current events by reading them on the internet. As a leader I communicate often by e-mail, but still enjoy face to face meetings and team collaboration. I like to surprise people with a hand written note and send it in the mail, something later generations rarely do.
Leadership and Communication Characteristics of Baby Boomers Most baby boomers grew up watching their traditionalist parents work very hard to make ends meet and take care of the family unit. As a result of their upbringing many boomers have adopted their parent’s strong work ethics; working hard, long hours trying to climb the corporate ladder. Baby boomers still enjoy personal face to face interactions and building rapport with people
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