Leadership at Ikea

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Case Study Ingvar Kamprad shows he is a manager, in which he advocates stability and the status quo, by the personality of conceptions at work. He takes his ideas and those of his employees and uses them to further IKEA’s success. He proves himself as a leader, where he advocates for change and new approaches to problems, by using a leader attitude toward goals and relationships with others. He worked hard to build the company and achieve success through his ideas and thriftiness because he believed there were no guarantees to success without hard work (Nelson, D.L. & Quick, J.C. 2011). The nature of followership that Kamprad seems to have encouraged at IKEA is that of effective followers. His employees must be active,…show more content…
This is a powerful, unique gift he had. He accomplishes all these by using his life experiences “moments that matter” to arouse and motivate his employees which benefits the employees because of IKEA’s growth. The success of IKEA would not be what it is without the challenges and experiences he went through (Nelson, D.L. & Quick, J.C. 2011). Key leadership lessons provided by Kamprad’s experiences indicate a path-goal theory which is based on an expectancy theory of motivation. Kamprad is clear in his goals and what he wants the employees to do and achieve. By stating that “wasting resources is a ‘mortal sin’,” he is direct and participative in achieving his goals. His history shows this. Having the employees share a hotel room while traveling is an example. He demonstrates an achievement-oriented style by setting these challenging goals for his employees and shows he believes they can achieve great things (Nelson, D.L. & Quick, J.C. 2011). Taking what I have learned through my experiences, I need to motivate and encourage those that I reach. I don’t have direct authority over anyone, but I do have the power to influence many in doing things that are required of them relating to requirements of my position. We are looking for a win-win situation so knowing how to reach these people in a way that I encourage them to be active in finding solutions is
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