Leading A Continuously Changing Organization. Scholars

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Leading a Continuously Changing Organization
Scholars have not agreed on which change model is best to implement within an organization. All change theories must consider the diverse population and the type of leadership style of the leader who will lead the change. This paper discusses several foundational theories of change. Next, the essay discusses how effective the change models would be working with a diverse population. Last, the paper explores different leadership styles along with the authors leadership style and how those styles work with the different change theories.
Foundational Theories
The timing of an occurrence forms the significance of an occurrence (Staudenmayer, Tyre, & Perlow, 2002). Organizations have hired CEOs that
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The precontemplation and contemplation stages are similar to Lewin’s first stage of unfreeze. In both precontemplation and contemplation the leader is in an observation phase to determine if change is needed and if so, the manager makes the workers aware why a change is needed. The preparation and action stage is similar to the change stage of Lewin’s model. The preparation and action stages develop the behavior to ready the workers for the change and the action stage implement the changes by putting the committed people in place to activate the change. The last stage is called maintenance. This stage stabilize the changes and prevent relapse back to the status quo (Freeman & Dolan, 2001).
Another change theory that the natural reaction of a new leader is Rogers’ Theory of Diffusion of Innovations which is a change theory that also consist of five stages: knowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, and confirmation (Anderson, 2009). At the knowledge stage, the leaders learn about the organizations, the other seasoned members of the organization, and the current culture. The persuasion stage, the new leader develops the workers attitude by explaining to them the need for a change. The next stage of Roger’s theory is call the decision stage. This stage encourage employees to accept the needed changes. These three stages are similar to Lewin’s unfreezing stage. The fourth stage is called implementation stage. This stage is like Lewin’s
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