Learning And Managing Different Languages With Outstanding Theories Of Motivation

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Apparently, attempts made in linking up various ideas may turn critical especially when it comes to the process of boosting learning. However, intelligent people may find it easier to significantly integrate the daily interaction with people based on what they already know and what they are yet to know. Preliminarily, most people living in Senegal either speak the native languages or French. Such settings, for example, may serve as the most outstanding drawback to any person willing or someone brought up in an English speaking society. Narrowing down to self-motivation, willingness and desire to learn new languages as well as social interaction form part of the factors that may help one to incorporate the new system in life. In relation to the context discussed, this section seeks to relate the experience in learning and managing different languages with outstanding theories of motivation. The renowned theories of motivation include, among others, the cognitive evaluation theory, reinforcement theory, goal setting theory, equity theory and Clayton Alderfer’s ERG theory.

As mentioned before, my early interaction with people and the upbringing made me confident with my language, French. Despite the fact that learning the first language sounds to be more natural, it is worth noting that the environment stands in as a motivating factor. The Cognitive Evaluation theory explains the impact of external consequences especially on internal motivation. The theory is

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