Motivational Language Theory ( Mlt )

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The situated individual. This concept states your followers build a perception of who they are, what they are doing, and where they are, based upon their identity and purpose (Eisenberg & Goodall, 2014). The situated individuals connected through daily experiences, realities, and mutually shared meanings. (Eisenberg & Goodall, 2014). Using this concept, encourage followers to form relationships outside of their group that foster organizational learning and growth.
Motivational Language Theory (MLT). As a leader, you can have a positive effect on followers by using clear and motivational language in speeches, storytelling and leader-to-follower communications (Mayfield, 2008). Using MLT, you can reduce uncertainty through clarification by setting goals; creating and sharing a vision; and by consistently using words that express empathy, compassion and respect for employees (Mayfield, 2008). Regardless of the environment, leader-follower communication principles are universal.
Multicultural Environments and Cross Cultural Communication Leaders who are well versed in the foregoing leader-follower communication concepts will also be successful in global and in cross-cultural environments (Rentfrow, 2007). For example, when leaders: (1) model willingness to engage others; (2) are sensitive to differences/diversity; (3) promote the establishment relationships beyond their immediate environment; and (4) eliminate organizational barriers, these principles are universal and

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