Learning From Indigenous Knowledge On Education

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Learning from indigenous knowledge in education: Indigenuous knowledge has been the foundation for learning that aboriginal families, communities and nations have always maintained for their children. It has been our knowledge systems, cultural traditions and values, and ancestral languages that have affirmed our place within the Canadian context. Indigenous perspectives on learning do not see indigenous and western knowledge traditions in opposition to one another.(Battisfe,2002).Indigenous peoples ability to thrive is a testament to the ways they can a
And choose from, changing traditions, including western educational approaches.
"Ways of knowing ": We are interested in how people try to understand themselves, then society …show more content…

3) The subservience of nature.
4) A commitment to a realistic. QUESTION: DISCUSS THE INFLUENCE SITES OF LEARNING.....................
Answer: Indigenous technologies and the land began in 1998-99.The time sequences of this story is spring 1999 to autumn 1995 like the hermit crab running backwards on the intertidal zone in the dark hours looking for a home a snail shell running forwards sideways in circles the quest is Indigenous ecological knowing and practices eco-technologies and survivance stories respectful research practices. We become trespassers on our own land retroactively for a dozen generations. The newcomer arrived in our territories they have created social-spiritual and environmental cries for us or survivances and regeneration are threats to mainstream socio-political legitimacy and epis-etymological supremacy. Sites of learning: Communal experiences become incorporated in the language of family and community. The mutually reinforcing influence of each of these learning sites-language family, community and ceremony is like a medicine, wheel always in motion, with each quadrant drawing from and enriching all the others. Language instruction in elementary, secondary school, oral history and culture courses the sites of learning extend beyond the family hearth and the village council of former times. The impact of ceremonies are carried outward from the traditional camp

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