Learning From Traditional Classroom And Learning

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I have experience in both learning from the traditional classroom and learning from the online setting. I can easily identify the differences between these two types of learning environments. The two main differences can be divided by two categories which are flexibility and class discussions (Bethel University, n.d.)

?There is far less flexibility in a traditional classroom (Bethel University, n.d.). As a formal student of a traditional classroom learning environment, I had to physically drive to the college, carry my textbooks everywhere, and attend class at a designated day and time each week. Since I didn’t have any children, I didn’t have to be concerned with finding a babysitter (Bethel University, n.d.). At the end of each school day, I had to pay for parking as I exited the campus parking garage. Online learning can be conducted anytime and anywhere that has internet connection. The greater flexibility involved with online learning can cause a lot of stress to a student. It would be easy for a student to forget the weekly deadlines and the upcoming schedules (Bethel, University, n.d.). “Students can suffer from a perceived lack of guidance, may experience isolation, and will likely have technology issues from time to time.”(Bethel University, n.d., p. 7). In an online class discussion, words can be thought of carefully and edited several times before it is posted permanently unlike the traditional classroom which can 't be edited after it has

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