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The learning strategy developed and taught to a class of students with learning disabilities was how to ask for help. The acquisition of students learning to ask for help is important to obtain current knowledge of this strategy through a pretest. The pretest in this case includes questions. Examples of the questions being asked to the students with learning disabilities are; How many students ask for help when they need it? Yes or No?,How many know what asking for help means? Yes or No?,Are you comfortable asking for help? Yes or No?. By answering these questions it allows me as the teacher to get an understanding of if the students fully understand what asking for help is and if there are reasons they are not taking advantage of this. …show more content…

An example would be raising their hand or quietly walking over to their teachers desk when it is an appropriate time. Creating cue cards to be displayed on their desks is a very effective process. This helps remind students how to ask and that it is ok. While the teacher is presenting a lecture if a student is struggling have them jot down on a piece of paper what they need help with so when the teacher is done speaking they will remember what to ask. As always it is very effective for students with disabilities to have visual reminders in their settings. Once an explanation has been given out to the students it is essential that a modeling strategy takes place by me the teacher demonstrating how to ask questions as a student. During this time I will fully explain what I am doing and why this is effective. Once my demonstration as a student is complete I will then ask the children to join in my pretending to lecture and have the students all take part in raising their hands to ask for help. Demonstration is very important for students with disabilities and has been proven to be a very effective way for them to learn. Next me as the teacher should help in assisting the students by rehearsing the strategy steps and going over in full expansion of what every step means. Making sure the students have an understanding of what is being taught helps with rehearsal. Students learn through visuals and repetition. Rehearsing helps put this strategy in the student's mind and

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