Legal And Ethical Issues In Health Care

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1. Community-based services are long-term healthcare provided outside of institutions and are offered in a community environment and/or patient’s home. This encourages a sense of independence while provide the comfort of familiarity for the patient. 2. There are many types of community-based services which include home health care, hospice care, and adult day care. The three primary providers of community-based services are nonprofit, for-profit, and government owned organizations. Nonprofit organizations may include religious, community, and local health care. There are freestanding facilities while there are others privately owned for profit. Due to the increased funding of Medicaid and Medicare, nonprofit and public funded facilities are …show more content…

There are many legal and ethical issues health care facilities must face, therefore the same applies to community-based services. The most ethical concerns are patient autonomy and rights. There will be times when a patient may not want to accept and follow their physician’s orders. Legally a physician cannot force his/her patient to follow orders. Therefore, it is important for health care providers to provide respect and compromise with their patients to ensure their health is not being jeopardized while allowing their patients a sense of control with their health care. Patient safety is another concern such as those with mental disorders. Facilities must ensure proper protocol is in place to handle events. It is also important that the proper staff is employed and trained to care for patients. Hospice care can be controversial due to religious and personal beliefs, it is important to approach matters in a diligent and respectful manner during this difficult time for the patient and family members. Education is key to allow the patient and all involved to understand all aspects of hospice care and services while respecting their views. The last concern is availability of services based on location. There are some areas enriched with community-based services while others do not have any. Individuals have a right to these services and the inability to access them due to location is …show more content…

I believe Joan should have received home health care when she was unable to perform her ADLs. I know Jerry meant well by caring for his wife, but I felt it cause Jerry’s health to diminish. Joan’s primary physician should have been the one to inform the couple of home health care and reassure them of the true meaning of home health care. I do believe the services Joan and Jerry received are available for others to utilize but not many are aware of them. It might be due to the recent rise of these community-based services and long-term care. Most older individuals still view LTC in a negative light due to the negative publicity nursing homes in the pass had received. 8. I believe 6 months provided adequate time for Pierre and his wife to get their financial and other issues arranged. Physicians are medically trained but are not God, they can provide an estimate time to live and sometimes they may be right or wrong. I feel like extending the length would waste medical and financial

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