Legal Issues Of The Legal Field

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Unlike many on my classmates I am studying to become a lawyer. The legal field has remained firmly set in the past. Most legal documents need to be delivered in person to the court. The old nature of the legal system has been slow to change of time some states like Georgia refuse to implement online system that allow a professional to submit documents online. Even the trusts and will are found as paper copies in a binder or stapled. The private nature of most practices in the legal field require that most actions are done through paperwork. The paperwork written to the extent that there could be hundreds of pages per case. To understand the information in a case lawyers will be required to physically read each page of the documents. Many of the practices also involve in an in-person basis where the lawyer and the client would have to talk face-to-face conversations. To set myself ahead of my competition I decided to take up a Business Administration which allow me to start a business background which will help if I want to enter into business/corporate law. Some work in the legal field have advanced through the use of technology. Through some research at I was able to find some noted advancements. Using google I looked using the search criteria “technology used in the legal field.” The first technological advancement was the use of billable hour management software. This advancement has allowed legal professionals to take their most mundane of tasks and add
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