Legal Research Assignment : Weather

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Alexa Inscore, Leanne Pemberton, Claire Troll, Sagan Chaudoin, Emily Lipe Dr. Gebken TCM 320 11 November 2014 Legal Research Assignment - Weather To prove entitlement, it must be shown that events beyond the contractor’s control delayed the time given in the contract. The most efficient way to prove weather delays is to update the baseline schedule regularly. The baseline schedule is used to measure project progress and contract performance. According to the Business Dictionary, “Any change caused by change in scope of the project invalidates the original schedule and necessitates a new baseline schedule” (Business Dictionary). The date the project started and was finished, the weather, employers, and how much work got done, and anything else that affects the lifecycle of the project needs to be constantly recorded in the baseline schedule. As current weather conditions recorded in the updated schedule are compared to what were previously recorded as “normal” weather conditions. It is important to look at the National Weather Service and analyze what type of weather the area will be faced with. This will determine what are considered “normal” conditions, and how any type of weather will affect construction operations. Continuously chronicling weather conditions is “not only necessary for the cost management system, but also extremely important to prove entitlement for compensation” (Parvin 4). Examples where this entitlement concept was the basis for a lawsuit can be found
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