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Levi Strauss Marketing Plan Keller Graduate School of Management – Online MM522 Final Draft Executive Summary Levi Strauss & Co. is a privately held clothing company founded in 1853. It is the global leader in denim jeans in more than 110 countries in which it markets its products. The company is also one of the world’s largest branded apparel companies in which it designs and markets jeans, casual wear, and related accessories for men, women, and children under the Levi’s®, Dockers® San Francisco, and Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. ™ brands. (LS & Co. 2009) The company has realized the need of women’s only jeans stores and sees the opportunity to capitalize when competitors are underperforming in this arena. The…show more content…
The belt loops, waistband, back panel, pockets, and leggings of the jeans will be all made of indigo-dyed denim. The zipper will be produced using the finest spandex that will allow for room and comfort. They will also be produced with a button-fly style. The fastening of the jeans will be designed using only removable designer buttons and rivets at the original opening, and additional removable designer buttons with an extended fastener that will rest in the belt loop. Two additional removable designer buttons and rivets will be supplied and attached to the sales tag on the back panel. In an effort to reduce the concern of lost buttons and rivets after the purchase, Levi Strauss will also design and market an array of replaceable designer buttons and rivets at all retail outlets that sell the jeans. LS & Co. currently sells women’s jeans in the same space as men and children jeans. However, there is a need for specialization in women’s sizes. With the success of the current maternity line, there has been an overwhelming order placed on those jeans. As of today, the company has a backlog of orders which makes those jeans unavailable to those who desire them. Levi Strauss has retained high-quality information regarding the women’s jeanswear market and knows a great deal about the common features of these prized customers. Levi Strauss will use this information to better understand

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