Lgbt Students For Showing Sexuality On Campuses Essay

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In March of 2006 Liberty University of Lynchburg Virginia arrested gay rights Advocates on their campus.Liberty University is a public campus which means they receive federal funding.Universities that are private do not obtain funds from the government. Liberty University is a public Baptist campus which means it receives funds from the United States government.Public universities are required to comply with Title-IX.This prevents Colleges from discriminating against LGBT students and applicants based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual preference.However campuses like Liberty University find ways to be exempt from this bill. This leads to the questions Should all public colleges comply with Title IX? Is accepting LGBT students just a means to increase campus diversity statics? Why do colleges punish LGBT students for showing sexuality on campuses? In this paper I will analyze weather all colleges private and public should comply with Title IX, if sexual orientation has to do with admission process, and weather campuses lie about being accepting of the LGBT community. Liberty University has donated over $60,000 to end Title IX. Many senators Have come out with support to the LGBT community where others have classified them as Sinful Christians. Liberty University has help these Senators with funds to help end this bill. Which leaves the question should all colleges have to comply with Title IX. Calvin College said, “We believe that homosexual

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