Lieutenant Steven Danielson And His Team

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Lieutenant Steven Danielson and his team sat in the darkened team room. They were talking amongst themselves when Commander Tom McKasskill stepped into the room, “Lieutenant the CO is calling a staff meeting in five mikes you need to be there.” The team didn’t stand to attention when the Commander entered, they were an informal bunch. “Aye sir.” The Lieutenant said. “I’ll be right there.” “Looks like we’re going to find out what’s going on right Lt?” said Chief. “Let’s hope.” The Lt replied. Lieutenant Danielson headed to the head shed for the meeting once he arrived he noticed that not all of the teams CO’s were present. Some were being represented by the teams XO or senior NCO. As the Lt was studying the room Captain Rory the Special Operations Commander entered the conference room. The room was called to attention, Captain Rory responded, “At Ease, take your seats.” Captain Rory stood at the head of the large conference table; he looked around the room looking each man in the eyes. These men were considered the best-of-the-best the country had to offer, however he silently wondered if any of them were ready for the nightmare that was coming at them. “Good afternoon gentlemen,” Said Captain Rory. “I’m sure all of you see some of the missing faces and are wondering in general what the hell is going on.” The Captain was looking around the room studying faces. “I’m sure that many of you have noticed the missing faces in the room. Some of the men don’t live
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