Plato's The Republic

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Plato was son of Peroctione and Aristone, originally born in Athens, Greece around 428/427 B.C and died 348/347 B.C. they were a well-established aristocratic family, his father's side claimed to be descent from Poseidon and his mother's side was related to Solon the lawgiver, also Plato had two brothers one called Glaucon and the other Adeimatus, both are portrayed in Plato's biggest work The Republic. His principal teacher was Socrates that's why Plato was part of his circle. He founded the Academy, he was and still known for his philosophical work that has influenced all around the world by now.
Before Plato was born, Athens got into a war with Sparta it is popular to call this conflict as the Peloponnesian War. Then at the age of twenty …show more content…

Most of Plato´s philosophical work has survived, it is common to be a dialogue between two people or more, additionally, they are about justice, friendship, etc. His work is considered a great piece of literature because he made it with so many details, for example, he develops all the personalities on each character.
Afterward, Plato was Aristotle teacher who born around 384 B.C and died 322 B.C in Chalcis, Euboea, Aristotle grew up in the city of Stagira, Chalkidice. He was a philosopher and a scientist, his ideas became so important nowadays for the Western History, even after all the intellectual revolutions that happen after Aristotle, his ideas remain in the Western culture.
When Aristotle's parents died, he moved to Athens with just 17 years old, where he entered the Plato´s Academy and remained there for 20 years. When Plato died, his nephew took the power of the Academy so Aristotle left Athens, he became a close friend of Hermias on the northwestern coast of Anatolia and he also married his ward

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