Life Is Too Short On The Brain By Tobias Wolff

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Richard Aguilera
Jacqui Shehorn
English 1B
11 March 11, 2015
Life is too Short Phillips Brooks once said, “Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious. In Amy Bloom’s “Silver Water”, Boom shows how Rose once led a normal life, but later suffered from a mental illness that led her life to go unstable and take her life away through overdosing on pills. In contrast, in Tobias Wolff’s short story, “Bullet in the Brain” an unconcerned book critique, by the name of Anders, dies from a bullet to the brain because of his reactions towards the criminals in the bank robbery. While the setting in both stories are distinctive, both stories achieve to show that life is too short. However, whereas Bloom portrays the negative effects that can lead with a mental illness; through Rose, Wolff shows the negative effects that can lead by being a critique person; through Anders, differentiating the two in distinctive ways which can be seen in the characters, symbolism, and theme. In “Silver Water”, the character Rose depicts that she is a capricious, comical character and the she once had a normal life. Rose’s sister, Violet, clearly states of how she use to praise Rose when she was normal by stating her voice “Was like mountain water in a silver pitcher; the clear blue beauty of it cools you and lifts you up beyond you heat, beyond your body” (Bloom). Rose suffered “Her first psychotic break when she was fifteen” (Bloom). The mental illness is known as

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