The Braindeaed Megaphone By George Saunders : The Braindead Megaphones

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In The Braindead Megaphone by George Saunders, it leaves us to figure out the braindead megaphones in our lives. Our society today, the biggest megaphone is the influence of our media. Whether we see them as braindead or not they influence our lives more than we seem to believe. From the style of our clothes to our political views mostly everything we do is influenced by the outside world in some way. The megaphones in our lives today do a lot more than just influencing. The megaphones in our world can range from the people we look up to, to our political leaders, parents, and mostly mainstream media. He gives us simple, but perfect examples of how they intrude their thoughts with ours. How the way a simple voice change can make us think completely different than the way we thought of it before. It makes us look at the media or our role models to be our idolized figures. Saunders jumps around with different stories about the megaphones we experience in our everyday lives. After reading his thoughts and examples, I have come to realize that there are in fact many different “megaphones” that do intrude on our worlds thoughts and views. After reading this article I have realized that everything that is not our own thought could be in some way a megaphone. The biggest one of these being mainstream media. In Article Six, Saunders says, “In the beginning there is a blank mind. Then that mind gets an idea in it, and the trouble begins, because the mind mistakes the idea for the world.”1 To the media our minds are a blank page. Their jobs are to fill those blank pages with things to keep us interested even if it isn’t relevant to our lives now. We see what they want us to see, not exactly what we need to see. By filling those blank pages they get us hooked on and keep us coming back for more. A great example I see day to day are the different news stations rambling on about politics firmly stating what they believe to be the correct stand-point on a specific issue. They want us to believe what they believe by filling our blank minds with their views in a direction that will convince us is right. Along with filling our blank minds, the media tends to find ways to distract us. It distracts us by showing us things that

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