Life Reflection Paper

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In group one, we have some of the most amazing people this world could offer. We consist of three males, one female and range from fresh out of high school to our late thirties. Our names from youngest to oldest are Colby, Devin, Katee, and Rodrick. We all come from unique and diverse backgrounds. These are the stories of our lives. Katee’s first time to register for college was January 3, 2017. She was nervous and excited to embark on this new life journey. When school started, a few days later, she arrived at school extra early to walk around and get familiar with the campus. Katee said,” My goal in life is to become a doctor of psychology in marriage and family counseling”, when asked by her English instructor, “what is your goals for college.” The University of Conway is the college she wants to go to after graduating National Part Community College. Then one weekend, she was at her Grandparents house, for their birthday party, and found out that not only did one of her cousin’s graduate from UCA, but also two of her uncles graduated from college there too. On the other hand, she is still considering other options as a minor for something to fall back on, because she was always taught, “life is not always as it seems to be, so it is always good to have something to fall back on.” Earlier in life, Katee had dropped out of school, got her GED, and went off to basic training for the Army National Guard. It was a real eye opener for her to see those people from

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