Life 's A Journey Filled With Many Things

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Life’s a journey filled with many things. It is what we make out of it, but one day we will learn the most important things in life aren’t things. What matter are the ones who we meet along our journey and the moments that we have to cherish. As a young six year old Mr. Boogaart was my first image of what freedom and encouragement was truly like. His rusty red hair and green eyes glimmered when he was present. When I close my eyes I can see him in the stands cheering no matter how well I was performing. Some meets he would still be in his work clothes, but his appearance did not faze him, all that mattered was being present for his kids. When I listen closely I hear him saying “I’m proud of you buddy! Outside smoke!” With such clear memories and his cheering voice echoing in my mind, it seemed impossible that the day came where he left his temporary home on earth and now is dancing brave in Heaven. After sending his youngest daughter off to prom, and waiting to attend college graduating for his second oldest son, Mr. Boogaart received the diagnosis of stage IV lymphoma. The diagnosis was grim and left him with a 20 percent chance of survival for the upcoming year. After spending 26 intense and long days in the hospital, Mr. Boogaart was discharged less than 24 hours before his daughter’s open house. It could have been so easy for him to have chosen to not attend and stay home to recover. Instead, he knew his daughter’s needs were more important at the time.

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