Lifespan Developmental Psychology: An Overview

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Lifespan Developmental Psychology
An Overview
Development is process which starts from the moment the child is conceived by his mother. And it doesn't stops when the childhood ends. As a matter of fact, it continues till death. This development gives a shape to our socio-economic, cognitive and biological needs and views. Behaviors and actions of an individual are part of socio-emotional development that a person reflects while performing an activity. Lifespan development theory is basically an amalgamation of various theories designed after thorough evaluation of human behavior at various stages of one's life. Starting from psychodynamic and attachment theories till social learning theories, they all give an insight about the development of an individual's behavior. In order to understand the concept of lifespan development, it is necessary to understand these theories individually.
Where developmental psychology is a system of psychological changes, it entails changes related to emotions, human perceptions and vision over lifetime. This theory is originally related the changes in these particular areas, starting from infancy, going through adolescence and then aging. The theories which address this particular area provide a great detail about development of motor skills, cognition, conceptual understanding, self-identity and physiological processes. Furthermore, while evaluating children's behavior, it is necessary to evaluate
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