Light Cardio Activities Essay

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Light Cardio Activities 100m Sprints: One of the easiest known sprints is the 100m; being one of the shortest events in track and an important skill for the game of Rugby. In order for you to understand the 100m sprint easier, let’s break it down into steps. Firstly, the number of people in the class will be equally spread out onto 4 stations; Skipping, Ladders, Hurdles and Cone Drill around every ¼ of the track. When the starter says, “ On your mark. Get Set. Go” you will push off with your strong legs into the track, as well as being light and swift with your feet. Of the first 40-60m of the 100m sprints, rapidly gain your speed. After 40-60m of trying to increase your speed, the next 10-30m, you will attempt to achieve the highest maximum

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