Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel

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The author of “Like Water for Chocolate”, Laura Esquivel, creates a unique take on books by combining a cook book with a novel. Through the use of delicious recipes to further the story line, it creates a special way of telling a story that leaves readers both hungry and emotional. Each chapter has its own recipe, usually a traditional but nonetheless exquisite recipe that reflects the specific nature of the chapter. Each recipe combines general themes throughout the book such as passion, heat, and a certain kind of sadness. Tita, the main character, develops an extraordinary relationship with food because most of her knowledge and wisdom on life is based on food and the kitchen where she was generally raised. The food serves as an outlet through which Tita’s emotions and feelings can be released. Whether she realizes it or not, each recipe created by Tita has an impact on the people who eat her food. The way each recipe is prepared, the list of ingredients, and the overall completed dish, reflect and relate to the characters and events of the chapter. Heat, which is required in all food preparations, is essential to each chapter and to the overall theme of the book. Fire is the usual source of this physical heat, a source of strength and a force of destruction. The best use of the passion and mixing of heat/emotions is best encompassed in chapter 3, the recipe of Quail in Rose Petal Sauce. The use of roses symbolize a delicate duality between Pedro and Tita’s undying love
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