Limitations Of Wireless Communication

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There are lots of challenges occurs for reliable wireless communication which occurs due to physical limitations of the wireless medium. There has been massive growth occurs in wireless communication which is due to the techniques that improves spectral efficiency and mitigate various channel impairments such as fading and interference. Moreover there is always demand for high speed wireless internet and technologies which are capable of providing higher capacities and link reliabilities. Multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) is based on communication system which is able to fulfil these objectives. MIMO is an expansion of smart antennas systems. There were traditional smart antennas which occupy multiple antennas at receiver, whereas In MIMO system multiple antennas are engaged at both sides at transmitter as well as receiver side. The multiple antennas at the transmitter and the receiver side provide a major advantage over traditional smart antenna systems—in terms of capacity and diversity advantage. The multipath propagation by MIMO system is a remarkably advantage over other antennas system. Moreover it is able to provide independent fading channels between every pair of transmitter and receiver antennas.
The rapid improvement in communication system with high data rates and improved channel capacity has pondered towards the study of both theoretical and practical in wireless communication systems. Wireless communication system has made great effort to

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