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I have been with my present employer over 16-years and have no prior experience using LinkedIn or social medias. At first, I was scared to setup an account online where everybody would be able see my professional and personal experiences. Recognizing 2017 is a digital age with social media sites, I decided to take advantage of the benefits it brings. LinkedIn is a source that job seekers, recruiters and businesses are turning to find professional relationships. Most features through LinkedIn are free. There are some additional functions available with a small membership fee that would be beneficial. This includes being able to see who has viewed your profile and how they found your profile. The setup process was easy and took minutes. …show more content…

I chose to outreach to two Team Leads, Process Improvement Analyst, Business Analyst/Quality Auditor, Subject Matter Expert, and Underwriting Team Support Technician. Two of these individuals are no longer employed with SHOP through National Government Services. Two of these people worked for Novitas Solutions in the past. One person is employed with Penn National Insurance and another moved to Arizona. I selected this group of people to understand what skills and personalities they look for when interviewing, growth opportunities within their business, and a better understanding on the benefits offered by the business. I chose three of these people because of the knowledge they have with the companies I was interested in becoming employed. Five of the six people accepted my invitation to add me to their LinkedIn account. Understanding that people are busy or may decide to not add me to their account, I also included a question to four of the six people. I asked two of the people about growth or advancement opportunities within their company. Another person has experience with interviewing and reviewing resumes for financial and customer service positions. I asked this person to provide me with a list of skills or personalities that she looks for when interviewing somebody for a

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