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Literature review
Definition of marketing strategy
There are a lot of authors speak about the marketing strategy, the marketing strategy is very important in business, it can lead the firm towards attractively economic opportunities which are adapted to their imagination and know how to provide a potential to help the company grow and earn more profits (Lambin,1997). If we want to have good marketing strategy in the firm, we need to understand the strategic situation confronting in an organization, it is an essential starting point (Crvens, 1986).
Strategic marketing can be seen like a process consisting of: analyzing environmental, other competitors, and business factors affecting to the firm and its business units, placing market …show more content…

About the communications strategy, personal sale use advertising to approach the target customers by using internet, email, television, newspaper, and so on. They also use the public print and personal selling to deploy a sales force to convincing the target customer, urge them to buy the products of your company. Finally, price is another important factor of any marketing program, and is one of the most directed marketing elements in creation of value for shareholders (Doyle,2000). The company have to set up the price of the products in many different price and in different classes of the customer will pay and find out the profits or commissions to the wholesalers, retailers for moving the products to the users.
4. Result
According to the previous study, there are many companies use their own marketing strategies to make them become successful, especially Victoria’s Secret, they use the marketing strategies very effective. Victoria’s Secret is facing to a lot of competitors, by using their own marketing strategies in business, they can earn a lot of success in their business. Victoria’s Secret become one of the top 10 most recognized brands in the world. In 2008, reported revenue reached $ 10.1 billion. According to Simon Warburton, sales are expected to increase between 2010 and 2012. It is estimated that recovery will lead to

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