Literature Review. Introduction. In Recent Years, The Implementation

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Literature Review
In recent years, the implementation of solar energy and techniques surrounding the management of solar radiation have come to the forefront of the discussion about alternative energy. However, people have different levels of knowledge and awareness about solar energy; they also have varying opinions of solar energy. This leads them to have different perceptions of the implementation of solar energy and techniques surrounding the management of solar radiation. The differences in one’s perception of not only solar energy, but alternative energy sources in general could be more apparent within different demographics of people. These demographics could be related to political party, location, and economic …show more content…

They concluded that this lack of knowledge points to a gap in information about solar energy. Their study also found that there is a nuanced relationship between environmental concern and the use of solar energy, which means that people have very complicated and conflicting attitudes towards gathering and processing data that is related to alternative energy. This affects their willingness to learn about alternative energy sources. A study done by D. Fuchs and M. Arentsen (2002) supports the findings of the Rai-Beck study as they found that a lack of knowledge of electricity supply options and the negative consequences that come with electricity use is a barrier to the consumption of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. Faiers and Neame (2006) found that people who have implemented solar systems at an earlier stage tend to be more knowledgeable on the subject of solar energy. Faiers and Neame also found that knowledge on the subject of solar energy increases the likelihood of buying solar systems.
People’s opinion of solar energy. An overwhelming majority of Americans support the expansion of solar energy (Funk & Kennedy, 2016). However, people do have a negative opinion of certain aspects of solar energy, such as the high cost of solar energy

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