Literature Review Of Realistic Feminism : Critical Analysis

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The following analysis evaluates six sources concerning feminism. The six sources analyze what feminism is, where it came from, how it’s changing, and it’s relevance. The research aims to examine whether or not feminism is applicable in today’s society. With such blunt opinions shared based around feminism, the researcher hopes to find a perfect grey area where feminism can both strive and recede. The following literature review divides into two sections with three summary paragraphs, an evaluation paragraph, a reflection paragraph, a comparison paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph. The summary paragraphs serve as brief outlines of each article. The evaluations discuss the sources beneficial qualities, and the reflection covers how the information provided could be used in an argumentative paper. In addition, the comparisons take the evaluation and reflection on each source and compares and contrast the ideas of each article with one another. The researcher found each article diverse and useful in its own way, since feminism is such a subjective and broad topic, there was a broad span of useful articles. Feminism can be viewed in various different ways, and the analysis attempts to display this characteristic by using a very diverse group of ideas. Literature Review of Realistic Feminism
As the world has evolved, so has the general consensus of opinions concerning feminism. I have analyzed six sources which I have summarized, evaluated, reflected upon, and compared in

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