Literature Review On Group Performance

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Group performance and its contribution to organizational behavior has been deemed very important that researchers are now paying attention to the underlying factors that affect group performance. The authors who published the three articles I am going to analyze in this report tried their best to unravel the deep seated elements that either positively or negatively impact performance within an organization. I am also going to compare and contrast these articles paying particular attention to their strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences, ending with my recommendations in this discourse emanating from the reported analysis. Some researchers are now paying attention to meta-analysis as a better suited research tool in trying to explain the relationship between diversity and performance. This paper is also going to link the three articles based on what they say on the issue of demography and how it affects group performance. There are notable similarities within the papers as they all allude to the fact that psychological factors are now more important in determining group performance and contributing to organisational behaviour at a macro level. Also these articles agree to the notion that there are beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries when certain policies are introduced within an organization and the way they are received by the groups differ. Hence I hope this report will be insightful on organisational behaviour basing on the themes discussed earlier.
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