Literature Review On Love And Relationships

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Introduction The world revolves around love. Love for yourself, family, friends and significant others. I want to discuss love and relationships in my literature review. I find it interesting when people get into a new relationship they can change their personality, but some remain the same. I have personally seen my own friends and family change how they act around their significant others and it is intriguing. This can also be a positive or negative effect on the person and those around the person. I want to see the effect that love has on a person and how they can bring that love to themselves. I believe everyone should have self-esteem and self-love. Sometimes it can take another person to bring out self-positivity, but no one should be reliant emotionally on their significant other for validation.
Overview of Topic When we are in a relationship, we go back to our younger selves and change who we are for the other person. We develop an intimacy with a person and become close with them. This leads into Erikson's psychosocial stages of development or more specifically the sixth stage of intimacy vs. isolation (Engler, 2014, p 144). This theory connects to my first study because it is discussing romantic relationships and how having a partner with a psychiatric disorder can harm that relationship (Sophia et al., 2009, p 268). Even if at times a relationship can be difficult to be in, it can also be beneficial. My third study speaks about how dating can be beneficial to

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