Literature Review. While There Has Been Research In Subjects

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Literature Review While there has been research in subjects dealing with turnover, things such as organizational strategies have not been studied much. Davis (2013) has stated that there is little research on the strategies employers do to minimize turnover. There have been different studies that have researched different factors in employee turnover and satisfaction. Studies have been done on the retention and turnover of older workers (Armstrong-Stassen & Ursel, 2009), developing retention policies (Mitchell, Holtom, & Lee, 2001), job content and satisfaction (Ertas, 2015), and the effects of employee retention on an organization (Davis, 2013). However, little research also exists concerning millennials as well. Employee Turnover and…show more content…
Many organizations try to incentivize employees with higher pay, but many leave due to a lack of trust and confidence in an organization (Mitchell et al.,2001) Economy Turnover causes extensive problems to employees and employers. The individual must deal with unemployment if no new jobs are lined up. Improving economies have organizations wanting to keep hiring costs down. One way to achieve this is through retainal (Mckeown ,2010). It is estimated that it the replacement costs are $10,000 for half of all jobs. Most literature from practitioners view this problem for an economic standpoint. (Mitchell et al., 2001) Davis (2013) also agrees that employee turnover is a problem that negatively impacts the U.S economy. Employee satisfaction In recent years, less Americans consider themselves satisfied at their workplace than in earlier decades (Mckeown, 2010). Organizations see employee satisfaction as one of the most important factors in an employee leaving voluntarily. There are many factors that can affect job satisfaction. Some of these include good structure in the organization and opportunity for advancement (Mitchell et al.,2001) Plateauing, a dead end feeling that happens when an employee cannot advance further in an organization, is a factor that can lead to job dissatisfaction (Allen et al., 1999). High Turnover rates can indicate dissatisfaction with a worker 's position or pay; there are little opportunities

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