Literature Review of Depository Participants

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T. Koshy, 1997, “Depository in the Debt Market:The Unfinished Agenda”

Though the Indian capital market is over 100 years old, it continues mainly as a market for equity related products. Debt is more or less financed through banks and financial institutions, although in the recent past, financial markets are playing an increasingly significant role. Even the Government securities market essentially consists of primary issues and inter-institutional trades.However, due to a variety of institutional and regulatory reasons, the Indian debt market has not been able to achieve even a fraction of its true potential.Although an exemption in stamp duty may appear to be against the interests of State Governments – owing to a
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Quality of shares changed for better owing to dematerialisation and thus investors are expected to earn higher returns as a natural step, albeit, for some time only. Changes in quality of shares are expected to cause changes in demand and supply for shares, which in turn, influences the levels in share prices (volatility). All these three issues are studied in the present paper. Liquidity and returns improved substantially in the post-demat period while volatility was very much below the daily changes permitted.

Prof.G. Vasudha, 2006, “Dematerialisation: An Introduction”
Dematerialisation is the process of converting the physical form of shares into electronic form. Prior to dematerialisation the Indian stock markets have faced several problems like delay in the transfer of certificates, forgery of certificates etc. Dematerialisation helps to overcome these problems as well as reduces the transaction time as compared to the physical segment. The article discusses the procedures, advantages and problems of dematerialisation.
The Indian Stock markets have seen a major change with the introduction of depository system and scrip less trading mechanism. There were various problems like inordinate delays in the transfer of share certificates, delay in receipt of securities and inadequate infrastructure in banking and postal segments to handle a large volume of application and storage of

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