Living Matter Consumed By The Body Operates

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Thinking about everything we do during the day (walking, running, jumping, think ....) and what makes our bodies (breathing, hear, see ...) as blood circulates through the body performing important functions; we understand that our body continually works, even when we sleep. For this man, like all living things, you need to be fed to: Replace losses of living matter consumed by the body operates. Produce substances needed for the formation of new tissue, encouraging growth. Transform the energy contained in food into heat, movement and work. Food classification by origin: By origin foods are classified into three groups: Those of plant origin: vegetables, fruits, cereals. The animal: meat, milk, eggs. The mineral source: water and mineral …show more content…

2. What are nutrients? Nutrients or foodstuffs principles members are all normal food substances, for example vegetable starch, milk fat, etc. Essential nutrients or nutritive substances are substances the body members, the absence of the regime or its decrease below a threshold, after a variable time causes a deficiency disease. Example of essential nutrients are some amino acids, vitamin A, iron, calcium, etc. Food Pyramid: To be healthy, people need to eat different foods and liquids. Basic food pyramid describes the quality and quantity of the daily food we need to get the necessary nutrients. Basic Food Pyramid Servings per day Bread, Cereal, Rice, Pasta 6-11 servings 3. Types of food Foods can be classified into breads and cereals, legumes or vegetables, tubers and rhizomes, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs; dairy products, fats and oils, and sugars, jams and syrups. The group of breads and cereals includes wheat, rice, maize and millet. They are rich in starch and

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