Logical Data Model

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Part 2: Logical Data Model and its DBMS Products:

2.1 Logical Data Model:
A logical data model is a data model for a particular problem are presented related to a specific data management technology. Without being specific to a particular DBMS product, it describes the data as much as details (Watt and Eng 2014). As we mentioned before, there is another type of DBMS involved in the logical data model such as hierarchical data model and network data model, which will be discussed in the following.

2.2 Hierarchical data models and its products:
Hierarchical data model suggests that if the relationships between data in the database are established that one data item could be described as the subordinate of another one. Products based on …show more content…

(Microsoft 2011).

2.3 Network data models and its products:

Network DBMS is a database that describes a flexible way of presentation in forms of objects and their relationships, which was created by Charles Bachman and improved into standard form in 1961(Watt and Eng 2014).

The Frist product based on network data model is Raima Database Manager (RDM). RDM is an embedded database management system that can be used in embedded systems. It was created by Raima Company in 1984 and it was one of the first microcomputer network model database management, which is provided for C language applications (RAIMA 2017). The most recent functions involve database-mirroring use to support highly available (HA) systems, database replication, multi-version concurrency with read-only transactions and etc. (RAIMA 2017). RDM Server includes the following functional features. First, it is a kind of transaction file server that supports the processing and managing of database files on a given medium (RAIMA 2017), which can also be considered as a database controller. Second, its database unions provide a consistent view of various identically structured databases(RAIMA 2017), which providing a single appearance of the large database. This could increase the processing capacity. Another feature could be introduced is encryption (RAIMA 2017). RDM requires all data to be encrypted before it is transferred through a network and enter the database files, which ensure the security of the

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