Long Term Facilities And Their Levels Of Service, And Financing For Individuals Who Are Facing The Challenge Of

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The objective of this research paper will be to explore available long-term services, long-term facilities and their levels of service, and financing for individuals who are facing the challenge of Alzheimer 's disease. This is an important topic that affects me personally and professionally as well as having lasting effects on our community.
Alzheimer 's disease currently ranks as the #6 leading cause of death in the United States and with the "Baby Boomer" generation currently standing as the largest aging population in the US, there is already a surge in need to support these individuals. Our society must understand and find ways on how to best care for these individuals. My interest in this topic stems from my professional interest in Nutrition and how it impacts Alzheimer 's disease as well as my desire to study the epidemiology behind Alzheimer 's. Additionally, as an adult caring for aging parents, the topic of long term health care often brings up questions about what options are available and how does my family pay for these services.
The intent of this paper will be to explain what Long-Term Care is and what Alzheimer 's disease is. This information will be followed up with an explanation of what services are available for long-term care and Alzheimer 's patients, the cost associated with caring for an Alzheimer 's patient, and how these services are financed. Over time, advancing technologies and improved living conditions have
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