Looking at Skyy's Vodka Advetisement

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When looking at Skyy’s vodka advertisement, they had encoded many types of meanings in their advertisement to appeal customers into buying their products. You first see a woman dressed up all in black holding a martini shaker while a man is sitting in a round chair holding a martini glass. You can only see the man’s hand and legs which creates a mysterious look with the combination of the setting being night time. The second thing you would see is the actual product in the corner of the ad because of the contrast of the dark bottle and the white table and chair. The white man sitting in the big round chair without his face reduces the attention of him which brings more attention towards the woman. The man without the face could represent that you could be the person who is sitting there and be treated like a king by the women serving you vodka in a seductive way. This would bring attention to male customers who are looking at the ad and they can decode the message of buying this vodka would get you a sexy woman serving you in a luxurious suite alone. The attractive woman is the core concept to appeal to customers by the placement and size being almost the whole print ad. The lighting towards the women enhances the woman’s curves, breasts and a smooth silky skin. The position of the woman shows a seductive approach to the man by how she is very close holding a margarita shaker even though his martini glass is full. The position of the woman with the woman’s gesture towards
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