Love And Infatuation

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Have you ever experienced falling in love with someone wherein you eventually doubt your feelings with the person you are in love with, to an extent of you start interrogating yourself if you are in love with the person or just in love with the feeling? In the modern world we are currently facing today, it is cliché to have love and infatuation differentiated. In most comparisons, according to Rohan Felix (2016), infatuation is treated as a risky and hazardous phenomenon, whereas love is manifested to be healthy. These two broad concepts are both intense emotions and feelings in which most of the people are often confused by it; however, they only differ in the actuality of love, intensity, and final outcome that affect an individual’s life …show more content…

Our modern world has confused love with infatuation. Think about that almost every time people hear the word love referenced in poplar culture, it is something they fall into unexpectedly and accidentally (Lallier, 2010). With that being said, knowing the comparison and contrast of these two concepts is easy; however, facing the reality and excitement of a relationship can be difficult in distinguishing the difference between what love is and what is not. According to Diffen LLC (2017), love can be depicted as a feeling of intense affection for another person. It is most often talked about as an emotion between two persons, known as interpersonal love. On the other hand, infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoning passion and addictive love (Villanueva, 2012). It usually occurs at the beginning of relationship when sexual desire and physical attraction are the center of it (Diffen LLC, 2017). According to Jewel Villanueva (2012), love takes time. The feelings grow gradually and it lasts for a long time; in contrast, infatuation takes just a glance and there is a sudden feeling for that person. The feeling instantly grows and easily fades. Another difference is that infatuation focuses on the external looks of the person. The feeling and attraction usually develops through the physical attributes of the person, while love focuses on the internal character of the person. …show more content…

Infatuation could be a first stage of love and it could play as a vital role in bonding two people together. For instance, at first, two lovers only perceive the best in each other through physical attributes. As their feelings start to grow, they eventually see and become in love with the beauty of one’s personality; hence, this is where love occurs. The infatuation phase is a time for the two persons to develop, which should be strong enough to keep the couple together as they enter the subsequent relationship phases when their love deepens, grows and matures. To sum it all up, love and infatuation differ based on its roots. Love is not something we can go out and buy, something we can hand out as a reward for a job well done, nor it is a something we can count. Rather, it is something that is given freely and unconditionally (Pariona, 2017). Remember that do not get confused with these two concepts, get distracted with the feeling of being giddy and exhilarated, or get blinded with words and actions because at the end of the day what matters most is the manifestation of your real love to the person you value the most without asking and expecting in return. Now, to those who are currently experiencing that they are in love, try to ask yourself, is your existing feelings for the person a real love or is it just an

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