Love By Sedgwick's Book, Love

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In the book Love, Lucas, a 17 year old girl named Oakley Nelson is trying to find a way to deal with the loss of her brother from cancer while her parents are not getting along. Shortly after the funeral of her brother Lucas, Oakley was given the choice to go with her mom to stay with her Aunt Jo for a few months to help grieve. She decides to go with her mom and stay with her Aunt who lives in California. When she arrived to her Aunt’s house, Oakley was amazed by the view; across the street from the house is the beach. Once Oakley gets her bags settled in, she goes to the beach. While she was at the beach, she met a guy named Carson who was a local. Oakley and Carson quickly began hanging out after they met and started dating. One day, Oakley and her mom got into a fight so Oakley went to her room. Her mom came in after and apologized. She then handed Oakley a…show more content…
The journal showed how much Lucas really cared about Oakley and wanted her to have something after his death. “There’s a small notebook in her hand and she hands it to me. ‘Lucas asked me to give this to you. Before he died,’”(Sedgwick 13). This represents storge love, love within a family. Lucas is showing his love to his sister by giving her something to remember him by after his death. When Carson is getting attacked by a shark, Oakley quickly swam over to help him even though she could have gotten hurt too. “The shark still has him and he’s fighting to get away. It takes only a few seconds for me to swim close enough to see the shark’s dark eye. I don’t think, just punch any part of the fish that I can,”(Sedgwick 218). This shows eros love, love that is more than friendship and/or love of dating relationships and marriage. Oakley did not care about what could have happened to her, she put her life on the line to save Carson. Friends would probably not do that, only someone that you really loved
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