Love Not Legalism By Madeleine L ' Engle

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Love Not Legalism
Madeleine L 'Engle was a fierce thought-provoking writer. She challenged me as both a believer and a writer. Her scatterbrained writing style was relatable to me and so were the things she talked about. She would have been a wonderful wise woman to grab a meal with. She did not shy away from controversial topics; but instead, she introduced them. In Walking on Water L 'Engle sought to share the freedom available to us if we allow Jesus Christ to break us free from our chains.
One of the topics that L 'Engle humbly addressed was the topic of legalism. I greatly appreciated this because I find that many world-renowned leaders shy away from talking about it, when in reality it may be one of the enemy 's most disguised tools. When people see God as an unapproachable killjoy, it becomes natural to grow distant from Him, and I know that before becoming a Christian this was the biggest stumbling block for me and I know some of the most kindhearted people cannot grasp the fact that God loves them and that He sent His one and only son to save them. L 'Engle also tackled the major misconception that God does not know how to laugh. He created humor and is pretty humorous himself. George MacDonald said, "It is the Heart that is not yet sure of its God that is afraid to laugh in His presence" (131). I am learning that more and more every day. The common trait that my most joyful friends share is confidence in God 's love for them. A relationship with God has so…
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