Lupus: Autoimmune Disease

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Humans experienced numerous problems throughout history. Some of these problems were natural disasters, war, hunger, or diseases. Nevertheless, these problems are caused by nature or other humans, but now humans recognized another problem that is caused by the human himself, it is called autoimmune diseases when the human himself becomes the enemy. One of the most known autoimmune diseases is lupus that has many characteristics and symptoms that can affect someone's life greatly. Lupus is a chronic, lasts for a long time, inflammatory and autoimmune disease. Lupus is characterized by being autoimmune which is caused by antibodies made by the immune system that attacks the body and its tissues. Also, Lupus is a systemic disease. Systemic diseases in medicine mean:"affecting the whole body, or at least multiple organ systems."(1) Moreover, this diseases has a unique characteristic of flare-ups or relapses, when the disease shows severe symptoms, and remissions when the disease gets better and shows mild or no symptoms at all.(2) …show more content…

The unique symptom of lupus can be the butterfly rash and red patches on the patient's face, yet other symptoms can be easily misdiagnosed because it "often mimics those of other ailments."(3) Some of the symptoms affect the skin, brain, and joints. Skin symptoms can be rashes, unusual hair loss, or swelling in the leg or around the eyes. Furthermore, brain symptoms can be confusion, memory disturbances, and seizures. For the joints, pain and swellings can be

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