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In marketing, several types of graphs are used to understand trends, growth of sales, and other data. The types of graphs that are used are bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs/pie chart, and frequency tables. A bar graph is a drawing made up of parallel bars whose lengths are proportional to the qualities being measured. A line graph uses a line that joins points representing changes in variable quantity, usually over a specific period of time. A circle graph or better known as a pie chart, is a geometric representation of the relative sizes of the parts of a whole. A frequency table lists numbers, fractions, or percentages observed for different intervals. Lychee Lou uses graphs in marketing because it is a simple and easy way to observe …show more content…

Without professionalism business would be chaotic and dramatic. At Lychee Lou, my staff promotes five traits to help the store behave professionally and creatively. Initiative is an important trait Lychee Lou enjoys teaching staff. Initiative is when one takes action and does what needs to be done without being asked to do so. This becomes a crucial skill to have when customers look as though they need help but do not ask for it. When an employee askes the customer if the customer would like some help locating an item, the employee looks as though they care for the employee’s time and well-being, which reflects well on Lychee Lou. Creativity is vital to Lychee Lou’s brand because Lychee Lou is a very original brand. If Lychee Lou is an original brand, the thoughts and ideas the staff need to be creative to make the brand creative. For example, if Lychee Lou is designing t-shirts for the spring, the t-shirts need to be original and catchy. Flexibility is not a desire to Lychee Lou, but a necessity. In the competitive market of fashion there are always people that can something just as well or better than another person and those people can do it on command. Therefore, if a customer needs a product on a certain time frame, a Lychee Lou staff member needs to package and deliver the product on schedule. Self-control is analyzing the situation before reacting to it. Lychee Lou staff need to this relationship in the workplace because when a conflict arises between other co-workers or there are deadlines that are looming close and it seems that work is becoming stressful, it is imperative that employees remain calm. Assertiveness is standing up for what one believes. Lychee Lou employees need to be critically assertive because standing up for one’s self is part of Lychee Lou’s free spirited brand. For example, if one employee has an idea and other employees disagree with it, the employees should consult the other

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