M Trailhead Observation Essay

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Background research I have conducted background research of the USFS and City of Bozeman through their websites and also finding articles pertaining to the pathway being built for the M. I have found out who is involved and what the certain group is doing to help the project. Also we have looked up the M trailhead on google earth and taken snapshots of it. This helps visualize the area and what needs to be done to build the pathway and underground walkway and also the parking problem. The next thing I need to do is go to the M trailhead and see everything first hand, not just over pictures. Also now that I have some of the stakeholders’ e-mails and phone numbers I need to conduct interviews asking them these 5 potential questions. What would …show more content…

Where do they park and how long does it take each person to find a spot to park. I would like to observe how many people actually bike or walk all the way to the M, just to hike it. A concern I have is if it is really necessary to have a path all the way to the M. I would like to conduct a survey of everyone on campus and ask if the real problem is getting to the M or parking at the M to hike it. How many people hike the M on a daily basis or find certain times of the day that are the most popular? This could be answered through going up to the trailhead and observing how many people come in and hike in an hour and do this same hour all week and see what you come up with. How could you find out the exact number of people that hike the M in a year’s …show more content…

The Bozeman City Commission has already voted 4-0 in favor of the proposal to allocate $600,000 from the Trails, Open Space, and Parks Bond for the paved bicycle and pedestrian pathway, linking the trails to the existing 67-mile-long trail system. Each member of the Bozeman City Commission can be reached at different phone number and e-mails that are provided on this website I plan on emailing each and every one of the commissioners and the mayor and deputy mayor and asking them why they believe that this pathway to the M will benefit Bozeman. I would also like to ask if they went out in the community and asked people what they thought of this idea and did they do a survey of just 100 people in Bozeman or did they try and get the whole town to voice their opinion. Another stakeholder in this would be Gallatin County, not just the town of Bozeman. How does this path affect the rest of the county and is the rest of the county in favor of it? The only way I can see asking people in the whole county is to send out a survey via mail or put it in a ballot the next time the county votes. This would be hard though, because we could only ask a yes or no question. We could not ask if a well-lit cross walk would be better or worse than a tunnel under the highway for users of the trail, and why? They only way to be that specific would be to send out letters to

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