MK 522 Marketing Management: An Analysis of Grill Kabobs' Market Strategy

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Marketing plan: Grill Kabob 3.0 Marketing strategy Grill Kabob is a new concept for a healthy Middle Eastern restaurant that will capitalize upon the trend for more adventurous foods and consumers' desire for healthier foods to eat while they are shopping at the Fox Valley Mall. Consumers are growing disenchanted with fattening burgers and fries and are being exposed to greater diversity of flavorings as the interest in cooking and food grows in the culture. 3.1 Mission The mission of Grill Kabob is to provide healthy, authentic Middle Eastern foods at low prices to mall patrons and residents of the outer-lying area. Grill Kabob enables consumers perusing the mall or shopping nearby to have a tasty meal without leaving the mall area while sticking to their diets and budgets. Grill Kabob offers something out of the ordinary by providing patrons with tasty Middle Eastern comfort food like falafel, hummus, and of course grilled kebobs. Grill Kabob will also offer a delivery service to residents who want a fast, healthy, flavorful meal at minimum cost, with minimal fuss. 3.2 Marketing objectives To make patrons aware of the new Middle Eastern restaurant at the mall and to clarify what type of offerings the restaurant provides. To arouse interest through promoting special deals stressing the affordability of the restaurant. To present an accessible and non-intimidating image of the restaurant to consumers who might be unfamiliar with the cuisine. The advantages of

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