Machiavelli's Once Argentina

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How to solve a century long dispute between two countries is much debated over the past few weeks. In 1833 the diplomatic tension between the United Kingdom and Argentina began over claims of the Falkland Islands, a remote island south of the Argentine. Decades have passed since Argentina surrendered to the British army losing the islands. Populist president Cristina Kirchner has exacerbated the tension with her insulting demands and threats. Recently a new era has dawned over the country of Argentina with new president Mauricio Macri. Philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli’s plan would advocate that good can come from evil actions. While Mozi’s plan would be to learn from mistakes and figure out what is best for the people and country. While Machiavelli’s…show more content…
This is the way to order for the world, and it should not be neglected”. Mozi is saying that President Macri shouldn’t just focus his attention on what is best for Argentina and its people. Mozi says to pay attention to the people of the Falkland Islands as well. If he wants sovereignty of the islands he has to make sure he wins their trust and loyalty. Mozi’s philosophy argues that people in power should care for all people the same. Some people might argue and say that a leader should act above everyone else to be able to enforce the rules. But Mozi insists that President Macri must view the people of the Falkland Islands as if they were his own. A referendum held on the island in 2013 said 99.8% of the population wanted to remain the current situation of being an overseas territory under the control of the UK. Treating the islanders as his own people and not neglect them would help to avoid any type of rebellion. Machiavelli’s solution could ensure that the UK would never interfere with Argentina and the Falkland Islands. But it would mean that they would have to relive another war that they could lose yet again. Mozi’s plan is superior to Machiavelli’s because it would mean President Macri would not be making the same mistakes as the former leaders. It would mean gaining a new relationship with the UK and the islands Argentina has repeatedly fought
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