Macy 's A Company Overview

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Macy’s: A Company Overview In 1858 in New York City on the cross streets of 14th and 6th avenues begin the legendary retail chain known as Macy’s. This is a company that is ever ingrained in the American consciousness. During Thanksgiving every year we all wake up and before our day of gluttony and football watching we all turn the television channel to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Where millions of people gather while a parade of balloons, artists, musicians, and companies wind their way to 34th street in anticipation of the Christmas season. At the time every child waits for Santa Claus to cap off the parade in a grand fashion. R.H. Macy: A Man Undetermined to Fail Macy’s originally started off as a “fancy dry goods store.” 36 year old Rowland Hussey Macy was excited by his store’s success at the end of the fiscal year where he grossed $85,000.00. Macy was unsuccessful in many previous retail ventures and his success in the dry goods business caused him to display a red star as the new symbol for his store. This was meant to symbolize his final success. The original symbol was a red rooster. It is hard to imagine in modern time a rooster waddling down the parade route Thanksgiving morning. The red star was a tattoo Macy had received during days he spent at sea. Macy grew up in the retail business. On the small island of Nantucket he worked for his father in his store. Macy left home and took to the sea at the age of 15. He spent years whaling and earning a

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