Maintaining A Healthy Life Style Essay

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1. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE Exercise: When experiencing stress, the idea of being in stressful situation may cloud the mind and overall inhibit one’s productivity. Physical activity not only provides benefits to physical well being but it also improves one cognitive condition, which can lead to a reduction in stress levels. Being active helps the brain produce endorphins, a natural chemical found in the brain that is known as the "natural painkiller"for the body. The production of endorphins not only assist the body’s physical well being but additionally improves the body 's sleep which is an important aspect in relieving stress. When the body expresses fatigue, its very difficult to cope with a stressful task and be productive. Engaging in physical activity will make you more alert and focused, overall improving productivity when it comes to completing tasks. How Can You Implement Daily Physical Activity? sports-1050966_1280As university students, we are invariably engaged in the activities of completing homework, assignment, and studying for exams. Having such a busy schedule may have you questioning how are you going to find time to exercise. Engaging in physical activity doesn’t necessarily mean having to go to the gym, and doesn’t have to involved taking hours out of your day. Physical activity can be done in the convenience of your own home and just fifteen minutes of physical activity can be effective. Listed below are convenient ways to incorporate 15

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